E. Richard Thieme GmbH

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Technical ready-made products

From the idea to planning, implementing in CAD and ultimately the finished product "Made in Germany".

We realize your special request.

We see ourselves as a specialist for individual solutions in the entire process chain and find through our decades of experience in product development for each concern a customizable implementation.

The settled in Pulsnitz and Großröhrsdorf clothing sites have many opportunities to punch synthetic materials, stamping, welding, gluing, sewing and edge strength to seal.

Here our aim is in addition to a regional manufacturing and a trustful cooperation is a quality-oriented production.


  • Elastic belt systems
  • Pocket systems
  • Covers
  • Flame-resistant underwear
  • Net ribbons
  • Protective covers
  • Upholstery belts
  • Tension belts
  • Carrying belts
  • Sling belts
  • Protective bottle covers
  • Cushions with spacer fabric
  • Bandages
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Gurt blau gerollt Polyester Polyamid Polypropylen
Elastisches Gurtband Orange
Gurt rot mit Lochung
Gurt blau Polyester Polyamid Polypropylen
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