E. Richard Thieme GmbH

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Realize your ideas with the support of our diverse method options.

We construct on the computer according to your specified dimensions, develop and create first pattern according to predetermined requirements and program our machines adapted to the different technical textiles. We produce your high volume, or implement only individual working steps such as cutting, welding, sewing, stamping, riveting, edge-tight seal. Our team of experienced staff develops, manufactures and packaged for you in the highest quality - Made in Germany.

We also offer our customers a steady supply of additional services. From procurement of materials, storage for your laundry on a timely delivery. With us, you are correct.

Ausschnitt Konstruktion
Freiprogrammierbarer Automat Gewebe
Freiprogrammierbarer Automat 2
Hochfrequenz Schweißen
Thermisches Schweißen
Pneumatisches Druckknopf Einbringen
Pneumatisches Lochen
Nomex® Material Oberteil mit Druck
Flaschenschutzhülle mit Druck Logo Thieme


  • Freely programmable machines
  • High frequency welding
  • Hot-wedge welding
  • Thermo-cut
  • Pneumatic punching and riveting
  • Printing of fabrics and belts
  • Embroidery
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